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Our office will be closed from Friday, 23rd December 2022 to Monday, 16th January 2023. We have now processed the last transactions for the year. New orders received will be processed in the new year. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2023!

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TESOLANZ News reviewed two of our books from Series 9: Helpful Harry and Bank Hold-Up. Both were found to deliver "interesting content and useful language for developing reading and literacy skills, suitable for use both inside and out of the classroom."

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PageTurners in Colour!

You may have noticed that some of the books in our range now come in coloured print versions. Where available, coloured print versions will automatically be supplied in your order at no extra charge.

The Beach

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Tom saw blood on the ground. He was worried. But it was only blood from cat’s meat. Or was it?

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Featured Book

My friends and I used to play on the trains. It’s called train surfing. It was dangerous and at first I loved it. Then I changed my mind.

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PageTurners are short, easy-to-read stories for adults learning to read.
Published by Prace Inc., the books are designed by experienced teachers to suit the needs of adults learning to read. Aimed to show beginners that reading can also be fun, the books are sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent, and always on topics of interest to adults.
Some features of Prace PageTurners

More accessible reading levels than most commercial texts (books range from 100 – 700 words in length)

Stories appropriate for older readers (no baby books here)

Suitable for ESL or literacy students

Illustrated with entertaining cartoons

A complete word list at the back of each book

Contain follow-up exercises and discussion topics

Books are supported by this website with free extra support materials, and a blog.

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