Accelerate learning with a digital subscription to PageTurners.

Design a multiuser subscription plan to engage learners and support teachers to plan and deliver classes.

Digital Subscriptions

Welcome to Digital Subscriptions, a new way to access PageTurners readers. Our multiuser subscriptions provide access to over 90 titles to support classroom learning and engage adult learners of all levels. Plans are cost-effective and can be tailored to suit schools and organisations of all sizes. Our digital readers can be integrated with your online library or learning management system, providing easy access for teachers and learners.

Benefits of a digital subscription:

  • Easy access to over 90 titles
  • Designed for teachers and learners
  • Tailored to schools and organisations of all sizes
  • Accessible pricing plans
  • Integrates with your online library or learning management system

Additional Resources

PageTurners offer a range of free, digital resources to support teachers as they plan and deliver English language classes. Help your learners progress through a combination of PageTurners readers, Listen & Read audio and supplemental worksheets.

Listen & Read

Audio is a fantastic tool to support vocabulary acquisition, pronunciation, and fluency. It creates a dynamic learning environment and helps learners to make sense of the text. We have provided Listen & Read recordings for all the books in series 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. They are free for teachers and students to use in the classroom and at home. Access the files individually or download a series set on our Listen & Read page.

Free Worksheets

To enhance learning, PageTurners offer free PDF worksheets for educators to download, print and use in class. The worksheets cater for learners at all stages, with downloads available for all four reading levels. Access the printable files from our Free Worksheets page.

Create Your Subscription Plan

Explore our subscription plans and join us in helping adult English language learners engage and succeed. To get started, simply email using the button below, or call 9462 6077 and ask to speak to our PageTurners coordinator.

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