Shut up Steve

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Steve likes talking. He talks all day. But when he goes to the shop, Steve is tongue-tied.

And he is not the only one!

Story by Chris Malakar
Pictures by Moira Hanrahan

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Word List

Here are all the words in “Shut Up Steve”

a about again all and anything are asks at
back beautiful big but buy
can can’t cars Cath cheese chewing comes
dark day didn’t
else every eyes
football friend
girl gives goes gum
hair hands has he help her hi him his Hmm
I in into is it
keeps letters likes long looks loud lunch
making mouth
name new nods nothing
onion opens or orders out
pays pepper Peter
salt sandwich sandwiches say says see she shop shut smiles smiling sometimes Steve sticky
tag talk talks talking the there thinks to today toffee tomato tomorrow tongue-tied turns TV
who work workmate
yes you your