Audio Recordings for Series 3



On this site, for each of the books in Series 3-7 and also Series 9, you can listen to a recording of the book. You can also download a copy of each file. Many teachers have requested this feature, so that students can listen while they read.

Now we are starting to provide a full collection of the audio files for each series. Hopefully this will make teachers’ workload a bit easier.

The whole 10 files for series 3:

More whole series audio: [Series 4 ] [Series 5] [Series 6] [[Series 7]] [Series 9]

Technical details: this zip file contains 10 recordings in mp3 format, at 160 kbps. These recordings are a higher resolution than the ones you can play on each book page. You can also download the files one-by-one further down this page if you would rather.

Available Downloads: