Have you read the stories from Series 6 yet?

Level 1

  • The Fortune-Teller — Zara Rose says she can see the future, but then she gets a surprise.
  • Learning to Swim — Bill said he didn’t like the water but the truth was he couldn’t swim. Then he decided to take swimming lessons.


Level 2

  • Dance Class — Zoe wants Sam to go to dance class with her, but he doesn’t like dancing.
  • Drums — Ben wants to learn to play drums. His mother says they’re too noisy, so Ben comes up with a plan.
  • Dream Job — Otus is a working dog. A story that rhymes.


Level 3

  • Be Careful — Rob tells his wife to be careful, then he has an unexpected accident at home.
  • My First Plane Trip — It’s my first time in a plane and I’m a little bit nervous. . .
  • Sports Camp — Benny likes Evie, but she doesn’t even notice him. At sports camp everything changes.


Level 4

  • Turning Forty — Luke’s 40th birthday is coming up, so he makes a list: 10 things I want to do before I turn 40.
  • The Doctor’s Secret — James Barry was a well-known British doctor in the 1800’s. But “James” had a secret that he took, almost to the grave. Women weren’t allowed to be doctors in those days. A true story.


These are stories for all ages and interests, fun to read, entertainingly illustrated and good for a class discussion afterward. To find out more or order the books go here.