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Fun, engaging, easy-to-read stories for beginning adult readers

PageTurners are short, easy-to-read stories for adults learning to read.

Published by PRACE (Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education), the books are designed by experienced teachers to suit the needs of adults learning to read. Aimed to show beginners that reading can also be fun, the books are sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent, and always on topics of interest to adults.

Some features of PRACE PageTurners:


PageTurners, Series 7 - freshly baked!

Good news! PRACE PageTurners has yet another new series out - 10 more new fun, easy to read stories. Illustrated with entertaining pictures that help with reading. Ideal for ESL learners and adults and young people learning to read. Launched in June 2015.

Get your copy of the flyer here (pdf, 700k).

Series 7

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Scott is scared of spiders. His sister isn't.


Driving with no GPS in a strange city is difficult.


Suzanne's dream was to be a dancer. She quit her job to try and become one.

Dog Gone

Greg's dog Diggy goes everywhere with him. One day Diggy just disappears

Late for Work

Luke was always in trouble for being late for work.

Double Trouble

A slight car accident leads to a strange discovery.


It's simple to rescue a cat stuck in a tree. Or is it?

Scary Story

John's love for telling scary stories backfires on him.

The Drink Machine is Evil

The drink machine never gives me what I want. It's evil!

Whale Watching

Bananas on a boat are bad luck.



Remember that we have some activities and exercises for students on the website. The latest is an on-line jigsaw of the cover of "Dancer" - great for students practising their mousing skills, or just for fun.

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You can already listen to series 5 and 6 books here on the web site.


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